Terms and conditions

1. Company information
Name: Crafty Embroideries
Registration number: K2019616807
Registration date: 06/12/2019

2. Processing orders
Crafty Embroideries will supply orders to customers in line with the terms set out under the conditions as stipulated below. A waiver to the terms will require written confirmation.

3. Refund policy
Crafty Embroideries may agree to refund or offer a replacement for products not delivered in line with the agreed requirements. The customer shall be expected to notify Crafty Embroideries of any work defects within 72 hours of receiving their order. As a standard practice, customers are expected to specify their requirements and confirm the work to be undertaken prior to the commencement of work. Where a refund is approved, such a refund will be processed within 21 working days. Order cancellation once the work has commenced will lead to a fee preferred on the customer to cover losses suffered by the company.

4. Payment Terms
Crafty Embroideries will require that full payment has been made prior to any work commencing, unless agreed otherwise between Crafty Embroideries and the customer. Whereas proof of payment shall be required prior to commencement of work, Crafty Embroideries reserve the right to seek legal recourse with respect to any due payment that was not received for the provided work.

5. Invoicing
The customer will receive an invoice upon enquiry prior to commencement of work. Such invoice shall serve as an official quotation based on requirements as specified by the customer. The quote shall remain valid for 14 days and may change if there are any unforeseen price variations. However, such a change shall be shared with the customer for approval. Where the customer requires further alterations on the design, such may attract additional charges.

6. Intellectual Property:
Crafty Embroideries shall deem the customer to have the necessary intellectual property right over the required work, and will not accept liability for any work that is without authorisation.

Crafty Embroideries